The Ogle School Mission is our promise to students. In return for their personal sacrifices, dedication and creative energy we will help them realize their dream, a fulfilling career in the beauty industry. For over 47 years we have trained our students in the time-tested skills of cosmetology and esthetics as well as innovations in their chosen field. However, we understand that career achievement is as much about character as it is skill. Beginning day one, we challenge students to become true professionals. We model our schools after successful salons with the same policies, codes of conduct and professional expectations they will encounter in their future jobs.

One way we've supported the  Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston communities through the years has been by partnering with local school districts.  Whether it's scholarship programs, career fairs (in-person & virtual), tabletop presentations, or MoA agreements to ensure the continuity of education, we look forward to speaking with you to determine, how we can best assist you in your mission!  You can schedule a meeting at a time that works best for you below, or call/text/e-mail me.  I look forward to hearing from you!